All you need is love said The Beatles and who could argue with that, but its not always that simple.  Let’s face it we all have a vision of a perfect date night. That romantic little restaurant, the candlelight, whispered conversations, lingering glances and knowing smiles. Let’s face it, it’s not tea on your lap in front of the telly.

But with the world right now, there is a danger that the night of romance could be another covid casualty. But it needn’t be, to create a perfect romantic meal at home all you need is a love and a little clove.

Cloves are an incredible spice and have been scientifically proven to get us in the mood for love. Aphrodite, the goddess of romantic love and the marriage bed treated cloves as sacred. Aphrodite was driven by the energy of passion and she gave her name to aphrodisiacs so she knew a thing or two! To this day, white witches use cloves in casting spells to invoke love and attraction.

And now the science bit!

Scientists have established that this stems from the essential oil of the clove Eugenol. It has an aroma that is both fragrant and aromatic that can lead us to amorous thoughts. Simultaneously Eugenol creates desire by increasing the blood flow to the parts other spices can’t reach, stimulating feelings and creating desire. Cloves are one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs: helping to banish mental or physical fatigue and providing a little extra power! And if that’s not enough they will keep you feeling well the morning after.

Cloves are a dried flower bud from a tropical tree, originally native to Indonesia. These buds contain vitamin A and C with serious antibacterial and antiviral properties. They help protect our hair and skin from outside pollutants that cause damage. Not many products can claim to improve your skin, hair and your relationship at the same time.

Pagans believe that if you burn cloves the incense will cast a spell to cleanse your aura, banish negative spirits and stop others gossiping about you! So why not try sticking a couple in a red candle over dinner!

From the bedroom to the kitchen

Check out your spice rack, chances are you’ve got some cloves. The only question will be is how fresh they are. Dried whole cloves can last three or more years if stored correctly. A good way to test whether your cloves are still fresh is to crumble the round tip in your hand, the aroma should flood out, if it doesn’t replace them and store in a sealed container away from daylight.

So, what can you cook using cloves? A quick Google search will throw up hundreds of options from stews, casseroles, chillies as well as sweet dishes, cloves go especially well with fruit. That’s why we blend freshly ground finest cloves with fresh orange in our Mexican spiced pork dish. Easy to prepare, delicious to eat and the start of an evening to remember.

Order today for your next date night and remember all you need is love and a little clove.