Complaints procedure – Fiesta Manana

Last updated November 2020


This is our complaints procedure.  At Fiesta Manana we are committed to providing you with a highly satisfactory end to end customer journey. But we appreciate that sometimes things can go wrong.  We know you will judge us on our ability to make things right again.  This is how that procedure works.

1 You do not need to submit a complaint if the outcome you are looking for is to return your goods in exchange for a refund.  If you wish to request a refund please click here

2 You can make a complaint by telephone on 07399647682, via e-mail at [email protected] or by post to Fiesta Manana (Complaints), 80 Nunnery Lane, York, YO23 1AJ.  You will need to provide full details of your complaint, including where appropriate your order details and your contact details. You are within your rights to complain anonymously but if you do so we will not be able to send you the detailed response to your complaint.

3 We promise to formally acknowledge your complaint by e-mail within 3 working days.

4 Within this formal acknowledgement we will advise you how long it will take to investigate and/or resolve your complaint.  If the complaint relates to the quality of ingredients we may need to speak to our suppliers. We promise to keep you informed of our progress by e-mail.

5 We promise to formally respond to all complaints within 10 working days. We hope you will be satisfied with our response.

6 If a dispute is not settled following our complaints procedure, we hope you will agree to attempt to resolve it by engaging in good faith with us in a process of mediation or arbitration.

We can propose an ADR Provider or will listen to your proposal. If you are in any way concerned, you should read the regulations at:

7 At all times we promise to treat you fairly and with respect.