Fiesta manana. Two words that mean party tomorrow. Developed during the lockdown as we waited to party again with our loved ones the name just seemed right.

And the idea was simple that we could connect with people who wanted to experience authentic flavours, who wanted to impress when they were entertaining, who wanted to develop their cooking skills and who didn’t want to compromise on their values.

We share those values. So all our products are ethically sourced.  And that normally means paying more; but we want you to benefit from our shared buying power allowing us all to experience restaurant quality ingredients at great prices. Value never tasted this good. And the value doesn’t stop there because our recipes are developed to produce multiple portions.  So even if you aren’t entertaining you can enjoy delicious, healthy mid-week meals as well as weekend feasts.

We try wherever possible to source authentic Mexican ingredients, or products that are widely used in Mexico.  This provides an unrivalled authenticity to our spice kits.  We ensure that we only buy from suppliers that are committed to providing a fair deal to the growers.  So you can be sure that in buying our spice kits you are contributing to improved life outcomes in Mexico.

The cost of our spice kits compares very favourably to buying ingredients separately, so not only will you save money with our kits, you won’t be buying jars of ingredients destined to go to the back of your food cupboard.

View our range  of spice kits.  Each kit contains precisely the right amount of imported Mexican chiles and dry spices. As a result there is no waste with Fiesta Manana.  All our packaging is fully recyclable.  We are committed to a zero waste future.

Fiesta Manana tastes good, does good.