Is it spicy? Will it be too hot for me?

Reasonable questions, but tricky to answer, other than to say it depends.  The trouble with spice levels is that the only universal reference point, the Scoville scale is limited in its usefulness.  Its reproduced here and the Pasilla chilli that we use for our pulled pork sits pretty near the bottom.  Maybe a 2 out of ten on this scale.  But the problem is that no-one can eat level 10 chilli and even the hottest dishes at your local Indian restaurant would be only halfway up this scale.  So using this scale we could say something absolutely volcanic was 5/10.  Makes no sense does it.

So to try and get around the problem of measuring with this scale, we’ve approached it in a different way.  In our research and recipe testing we found that the vast majority of our target audience agreed with the statement ‘I love eating spicy food, but I only want medium heat’.  So we developed recipes and chilli levels with this in mind and then built our spice rating around that.

So a dish rating of 7/10 means that if you enjoy medium heat, you would think it is on the slightly hot side of medium.  Or about two thirds of the top level of chilli heat you are comfortable with.

Ultimately the best way to find out is to try it, but another way to judge is to read the reviews.  We have four five star reviews for our Pasilla Pulled Pork written by people that enjoy medium heat levels and not one review mentions the chilli heat

So how hot is hot?  The answer here is just hot enough

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