With Mexican oregano

Country of Origin – Mexico

Flavour/Aroma – Mexican oregano is an intense, sweet and citrussy herb, as a result it is like a supercharged version of oregano

Chilli heat – None

Ingredients – 100% dried Mexican oregano

Uses in Mexican cooking – Used to flavour Escabeche, stews and meat dishes

Uses in Fiesta Manana recipes

Adobo pork carnitas spice kit

Slow cooker Pulled Pork spice kit

Slow cooked chilli beef spice kit

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Source – Mexican oregano also known as Lippia palmiri, is a species of flowering plant in the verbena family.  Consequently this plant is not a true oregano, but it shares many characteristics.  It grows extensively in Mexico, central America and the South Western United States. In the state of Sonora in North west Mexico it is the sole cash crop and as a result vital to the local economy.

Health benefits – Studies have shown that the essential oils, carvacrol and thymol, play an unquestioningly important role as antioxidants.  Furthermore, carvacrol has been observed to have powerful antimicrobial activity as well as being anti-inflammatory, antifungal and cardio-protective.  With this in mind, you may wish to read more about this miraculous ingredients.  Consequently the following academic article is recommended – The Mexican oregano Lippia Palmiri and their benefits on nutrition and health

Nutritional Values per 100 g.

(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)
Principle     Nutrient Value     Percentage of RDA
Energy     306 Kcal     15%
Carbohydrates     64.43 g     49%
Protein     11 g     19.5%
Total Fat     10.25 g     34%
Cholesterol     0 mg     0%
Dietary Fibre     42.8 g     107%
Folates     274 µg     69%
Niacin     6.22 mg     39%
Pantothenic acid     0.921 mg     17%
Pyridoxine     1.210 mg     93%
Riboflavin     0.320 mg     24.5%
Thiamin     0.341 mg     28%
Vitamin A     6903 IU     230%
Vit C     50 mg     83%
Vitamin E     18.86 mg     126%
Vit K     621.7 µg     518%
Sodium     15 mg     1%
Potassium     1669 mg     35.5%
Calcium     1576 mg     158%
Copper     0.943 mg     105%
Iron     44 mg     550%
Magnesium     270 mg     67.5%
Manganese     4.667 mg     203%
Zinc     4.43 mg     40%