There’s no getting away from it our Pasilla chillies are big, chances are when you open your pack it will be the largest chilli you have ever seen.  And then there is the big aromas that will fill your kitchen. But the Pasilla is a gentle giant, more fruity than hot but packed with flavours that give your pulled pork its amazing depth and richness meal after meal. 

It is a legendary dried chilli in Mexico and forms part of the holy trinity of chillies that no Mexican cook would be without. Sourcing great quality Pasillas at a reasonable cost can be tricky but don’t worry we’ve got you covered.


Source : Jalisco and central regions, Mexico

Heat : 4/10

Flavours : The fruitiness of this chilli is combined with a gentle smokiness and warming chocolatey tones.

Description : Made from dried Chilaca, the name translates as ‘little raisin’ but there is nothing little about this chilli which is usually 20cm plus in length . Top tip – dry roasting Pasilla chillies before use brings out the smokiness and coffee notes in this chilli

Try it here in our Pasilla Pulled Pork