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A deep rich smoky, fruity and spicy pulled pork that falls apart during 10 hours slow cooking.

Slow Cooker
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Our slow cooker pulled pork recipe combines the fruitiness and smoky flavours of the Pasilla and Chipotle chillies. As a result you will produce an outstanding dish every time. The lemon pepper and orange provide light citrus notes that cut through to provide a complexity you will savour.

This pack combines with up to 2kg of pork shoulder, consequently it is the ultimate economy dish. Slow cooker pulled pork will refrigerate and reheat well and provide you with meal after meal.

Our favourite is smothered over cheesy sweet potato fries but with this much delicious meat you’ll be inventing your own killer combos.

Your purchase provides you with just the right amounts of Pasilla and Chipotle chillies and specialist imported ingredients. This prevents waste and saves you money. As a result you can prepare your Slow cooker pulled pork without cluttering your cupboard with spice jars.

We want a zero waste future. All our packaging is 100% recyclable. To find out more about recycling in your area click here

IngredientsPasilla chillies, Lemon Pepper (Salt, citric acid, dehydrated onion, spices, dehydrated garlic, silicon dioxide to prevent caking and Lemon oil), Mexican salt, Dried garlic, Chipotle chillies, Ground Cumin seeds, Mexican Oregano

Allergy advice – None

Dietary advice – None

Net quantity – 65g

4 reviews for Slow cooker Pulled Pork spice kit

  1. Rich W

    We have tried many different pulled pork recipes over the years, they have all been disappointing, but finally with this spice pack we’ve found a fantastic recipe and spices. The meal was straight forward to create and the results absolutely fantastic

  2. Lulu Jones

    Not only does this recipe produce loads of delicious pork that is super versatile (my favourites were using it in tacos and on top of sweet potato fries), but it’s incredibly easy to make on the slow cooker! Having the specialist spices weighed out for me is such a game changer, meaning I won’t be wasting any and I know they’re super fresh and high quality.

  3. Emily D

    Delicious and simple to make. Really versatile, so leftovers can be used in a variety of different ways.

    The spices are really high quality, they smell amazing when you open the packet.

  4. Dan Musson

    This pack produced the best pulled pork I’ve ever made – my wife said it was “outstanding”.
    Worth visiting a good butcher for a bone in shoulder, this creates a real treat for lovers of Mexican food.
    The recipe was easy (and enjoyable) to follow – the biggest challenge is putting up with the drool inducing aromas from the long, slow cook. If you don’t own a slow cooker, buy one just for this (though it’s a great bit of kitchen kit).
    I love Mexican food but the challenge is getting great ingredients in the right quantities – even good dried chillies fade over time.
    The beauty of this pack is the freshness and vibrancy of the spice. Dive in, you won’t be disappointed.

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