Reposado Tequila – 100% Agave

Country of Origin – Mexico

Flavour/Aroma – Intensely smooth with sweet, spicy and woody notes

Chilli heat – None

Ingredients – We use Olmeca Altos 100% Agave Reposado brand because of its exceptional smoothness.  Furthermore we share their commitment to sustainable production.  Click here to find out more

Uses in Mexican cooking – Most often drunk, but used to flavour sauces

Uses in Fiesta Manana recipes

Tequila cauliflower steaks

Source –  Distillers produce Tequila  from the hearts of the Agave plant.  The best distillers use 100% Blue Agave, and steam and mash the hearts ahead of fermentation.  Tequila distillation operates on an industrial scale bottling straight after distillation.  By contrast Reposado Tequila matures and ages in barrels.  As a result, Reposado Tequila is smoother and provides a richer flavour.


Historic sources suggest the fermented Agave juice consumption was widespread by 300AD amongst Mexican Aztec Indians. The Agave planted assumed mythical qualities in Aztec culture and was associated with the goddess Mayahuel, who had 400 breasts to feed her 400 sons!

Spanish conquistadores began distilling the fermented Agave in the 16th century in order to improve the flavour. Spanish invaders much preferred the final product Vino de Mezcal or Mezcal wine.

The first recorded distilling using copper stills dates from 1608 in the city of Jalisco.

The word Tequila translates as ‘the rock that cuts’ and refers to the geology of the town of Tequila.  By the mid 17th century the town had become associated with quality Mezcal and consequently the names Mezcal and Tequila eventually became interchangeable.

Throughout the 19th century consumption grew outside Mexico and demand for premium Tequilas increased.  Consequently, Feliciano Romo founded the distillery Tequila Herradura in 1961 and became the first distiller to produce Reposado Tequila

In 1902 the official designation Tequila established the method of production and ingredients.  All other Agave based drinks from this point on became Mezcal.

In 1977 international AOC protection was granted meaning that drinks labelled Tequica can only be distilled in Northwest Mexico within 100 miles of Guadalahara.  It is mostly centred where is started around the city of Jalisco.

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