We know we are missing the virgulilla” ( ˜ ) over Manana but we wanted to keep it simple. Like our concept of only using authentic ingredients to create fantastic tasting dishes.  It shouldn’t be complicated.

And it feels more honest.  We aren’t Mexican, but we use the best Mexican ingredients we can find.  Our recipes aren’t 100% authentic because we wanted to keep it simple, so that these dishes can be created without the need for lots of expertise or kitchen kit.  So we have looked for ways to reduce the complexity and time commitment but to keep all the flavour.

So your Pibil dishes won’t be cooked the traditional way in a Mayan pit oven.  But with the flavours you will create your guests will never know.  So like the missing virgulilla its close enough – and what’s a missing accent between friends?

Check our range of Pibil dishes for planted based and meat based meals here

If you want to learn the wonderful Spanish language we recommend the excellent free Duolingo course.  It is Spanish spoken in central and Southern America, rather than classic Spanish spoken in Spain. So if you find yourself destined for that part of the world you will have the language skills.

The virgulilla pronounced (beer-goo-lee-yah) or tilde as it is sometimes known comes from the Latin word meaning title or superscription. Historically it was used to indicate missing letters. Before printing books needed to be transcribed by hand. It was incredibly labour intensive and as a result methods were developed to speed up the process.  So common words were written in a form of shorthand with the virgulilla used to indicate where the missing letters would be. Snds dd bt t hs bn rptdly shwn tht w cn rd sntncs wtht vwls!

These days the Virgulilla is used most often to indicate a change in pronunciation.